Valentine’s Day Gifts and Offers Hong Kong

Valentine’s Day is a festival celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm by everyone. On this day, one expresses or confesses their love to the person they adore and exchange gifts and wishes. The day in Hong Kong, China is no different. As this day is the most popular in the world, Hong Kong is in no behind to celebrate the only day dedicated to romance.

Mostly in Hong Kong, lovers go to restaurant for a candlelight dinner or give gifts to each other. Qixi Festival is a Chinese way to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. This is their own version of the much celebrated festival. This day is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar.

Some choose to celebrate the festival in various ways like a few couples pray to "Yue Lao," the god of marriage and love in Chinese mythology. According to a popular belief, this god ensures a good and loving soul mate. Some couples like to go out on fancy dinners and trips.

Valentine’s Day, irrespective of what nation one belongs to, is all about making the day special for your loved one. Here are five ways on how one can celebrate the day of romance and give a unique and romantic surprise to the loved one in Hong Kong.

Valentines Week Love Date Sheet of February

7th February 2017 Tuesday First Day of Valentine - Rose Day
8th February 2017 Wednesday Second Day of Valentine - Propose Day
9th February 2017 Thursday Third Day of Valentine - Chocolate Day
10th February 2017 Friday Fourth Day of Valentine - Teddy Day
11th February 2017 Saturday Fifth Day of Valentine - Promise Day
12th February2017 Sunday Sixth Day of Valentine - Hug Day
13th February 2017 Monday Seventh Day of Valentine - Kiss Day
14th February 2017 Tuesday Valentine’s Day

Simple Gesture - Any good date does not necessarily mean that it has to be complicated and expensive. Trust us, your loved one would just adore a well-planned and a simple date. There are many options to surprise your lover with that. You could try a good old- fashioned picnic. Go to the local Park shop or a wet market and buy yourself all the picnic stuff or better, cook a proper meal for the one you love. You’re ready to head to a Hong Kong park for picnic.

Day Trip - One could easily gift their partner a special day by enjoying a classic Hong Kong day out. One could cycle along the waterfront in Cheung Chaun or chow down on scrummy Lamma seafood and spending quality time at secluded beaches. You could also explore the sleepy fishing village of Tai O on Lantau. Take out $20 for the pink dolphin boat trip, you won’t regret it. This could be your something new and also you would be able to experience Hong Kong better.

Film at Home - The cinema is one ridiculously expensive affair in Hong Kong. Priced At nearly $75-$120, you can end up spending a tad bit much on a cinema trip here. Get creative and make a cinematic feel at the comfort of your home. Buy some popcorn and burgers from the supermarket and play on their interesting film. They will love the effort put in for the same

Classic Way - Send them pre Valentine’s Day gifts. Sketch the whole plan out and tell them something is coming up soon. Keep sending in flowers or chocolates to them and tell them that there much more to look forward to on the day itself. The anticipation will make them fall for you even more.

Adventure Sports - Figure out what they have never done in their lives and plan the same adventure sport that they always wanted to do. Book the same in advance and work the plan out efficiently on the Valentine’s Day. Cool surprise isn’t it?

These are pretty much all the things you could do. You could also buy personalised gifts for them on various e-commerce website. Paylesser Honk Kong is one such website that will help you find a thing that your valentine will love. Paylesser provide Valentine’s Day offers coupons, discount code and promotion code for your online shopping in Hong Kong.